A safe trainer

Because you need to research how things evolved

A good Bowie

Own this - skip his second


Know your history

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Know them well

Don Draeger - a pioneer, technician and historian

Stuff You Deserve

Eco and Kundera - both good movies - far better books - start here - keep reading *

Keating's video

Borges examined

Training Bowie

You need to read  - deep psychology

Homer: everything that follows is elaboration and Calasso brilliantly reminds us of that - if you read nothing more on this list - you need the Illiad


Classic Marquez

A quick link to 

Plutarch - moral exemplars


Leonidas would have carried this

History teaches much

How it was done previously

The culmination of the series - a conclusion or continued confusion - brilliant

Bucky coming soon


A good EDC   light

You need to know it

Tedeschi's series are all well produced

The Great Burton

Harrison - Great American literature

Mas - train with him!

Bowie Master Maker

Tissier's books are all in French and all worth owning

A JAK design

Know how the originals connect

A Martial Library

Michael Janich

Classic fables re-visioned - it ain't Disney

Borges: Because logic is play

Herbert's Masterpiece : Read them all - Bks 1 to 6

Gene at his best - epic fugue - know your Latin and read it multiple times